VolunteerHub May 2022 Release Notes

Reports Beta Updates

Reports can now be exported as a .xlsx file.  These files are traditionally opened with Excel.

Digital Youth Waivers

The parents/guardians of minors may now accept waivers electronically without the need to print.


When registering for an event the minor is presented with the option of emailing the waiver to their parent/guardian or printing it for them to sign.

The field for Parent or guardian's email is auto-populated with the email address the minor provided on the application as their parent/guardian's email address, though they may input a different email address if they wish.

Once the minor clicks 'Send Request', the parent/guardian receives the following email:

Clicking 'Provide Consent' provides the parent/guardian with the waiver.  Their name is auto-populated with the parent/guardian name the minor provided on the application.

Once accepted, a confirmation email is sent to the email address of the minor.

If the parent/guardian declines the waiver, they are provided the opportunity to return to the waiver to accept it.


There are a few things which must be set-up prior to Digital Youth Waivers being available.

Waiver Setting:

Youth Waivers default to being 'Print Only'.  Offering a digital option must be enabled within Site Settings (Settings>Site Settings).

User Form:

Three new tokens have been added to the User Form: 

    • Parent Name

    • Parent Phone Number

    • Parent Email Address

Though only Parent Email Address is required for Digital Youth Waivers to function, it is recommended to add all three.

Adding these questions is the same process as any other new question on the User Form, but the relevant token for each must be selected.

Because these questions only apply to minors, the system only displays them to users under the age of 18.

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