VolunteerHub December 2022 Release Notes

Change to 'Location' field within Events


The 'location' field when creating an event has been changed.  The text box has been replaced with a dropdown.

The dropdown contains previously used locations.  For organizations with many previously used locations, begin typing to filter the list.  

New locations can be entered by choosing "(Add new location)" and then entering the location  into the "(Enter a new location)" box.  The system live-searches addresses which can then be selected, or the original text can be selected at the bottom of the list.

The checkbox option to include a map has been removed.   Instead the system will automatically include a map if the location entered is mappable.  Non-mappable locations are denoted with '(no map)' after the location.  This text is only visible within Admin View.



Move to Google Maps


Maps are now provided through Google Maps.  Previously all maps were served by Bing Maps.


Increase to Maximum Password Length


The maximum password length has increased to 128 characters.


Volunteer's "Active" status added to Users Report


What are "active users?"


The Users Report within Reports Beta now contains the optional column "Is Active."  This column displays a checkmark if the user is considered active within VolunteerHub.  


Update to Google Analytics


VolunteerHub supports web traffic analysis via Google Analytics.   Google has begun migrating from "Universal Analytics" to "Google Analytics 4." To activate this feature, follow the steps below:


Finding Your Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID:


    1. Go to your GA4 property and click on 'Admin' on the bottom left

    2. Under 'Property,' click 'Data streams'

    3. Click on 'Web'

    4. Click on your web data stream name

    5. Your measurement ID is in the top right


Enter the measurement ID into the Google Analytics field in VolunteerHub and click 'Save' (Settings page about half-way down).  Your real-time feed should update shortly after, but it may take up to 48 hours for data to feed into other analytics.


Although VolunteerHub will begin tracking immediately, it may take Google a day or two to display the new traffic statistics in your Analytics control panel.

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