VolunteerHub March 2023 Release Notes

New 'Digital Only' option for Youth Waivers

This option is located on the Settings page under the Site Settings tab.

Previously there were only two setting options for youth waivers: 

• Print Only - minor would print the waiver and get their parent/guardian to sign 

• Print & Digital - minor would choose to either email to their parent or print it

There was not a way to force minors to email the waiver to their parent/guardian, avoiding the possibility of paper waivers—ensuring all waivers were electronic.


The options are now:

• Require minor's parent to sign a digital waiver

• Require minor's parent to sign a printed waiver

• Allow minor to choose a printed or digital waiver

Default Landing Page Position and Identifier

The default landing page is the original page every VolunteerHub site starts with, and it is what is displayed when clicking the Volunteer View tile from the main Admin View menu.  This page's URL is NAMEOFSITE.volunteerhub.com. The original name for this landing page on every site is 'Default', though this can be modified.

The Landing Pages page sorts all landing pages alphabetically, which made locating the default page difficult, especially if it had been renamed.

The default landing page now displays a small pill denoting it as the default and always displays as the first in the list.

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