VolunteerHub April 2023 Release Notes

Volunteer Map View

In addition to List view and Calendar view, volunteers now have the option to view events in Map view.

Map view displays a map to the right of the event descriptions with pins for each of the displayed events.

Clicking on a pin changes its color to red and filters the list of events to only events at that location.

Volunteers may also filter the map via the location dropdown within the 'Filters' button.

The dropdown contains the addresses of all locations for events displayed on the landing page.

Filter Users by Multiple Group Membership

The filter on the Users page now allows for filtering based on a user's membership across User Groups.  From the Users page, click the filter icon, expand the dropdown for User Group Membership, then click 'Filter by Multiple User Groups'.

A box appears allowing for finding users who are in multiple groups, while also excluding those who are members of certain groups.  

In the example below, I am searching for a Spanish-speaking driver who does not need community service nor is currently being processed for a background check.

After selecting the group membership options, the User Group Membership box shows multiple groups being filtered.  Other filters could then be applied.  Clicking 'Apply Filters' displays the resulting list of users.

Ability to Copy User Form Questions

The ellipsis for User Form questions now contains the option to copy the question.  Choosing this option opens up the duplicate with 'Copy of' added to the Question Name.  It can then be modified and saved.

Optional Removal of Title/Prefix Field from User Form

The prefix dropdown displays when users are answering a 'Name' question from the User Form.  The options displayed are not editable by administrators and can only be modified by VolunteerHub Support.

Previously when removing all options, the box would still display but would contain no options.  Now if all options are removed the box does not display at all.

Zapier Integration 1.0.1 Now Available

The supported version of VolunteerHub's Zapier integration has been updated for added stability.

To update any Zaps created on the previous version:

    1. Edit Zap

    2. Open the Trigger section

    3. Click Change next to the App

    4. Choose VolunteerHub 1.0.1

    5. Save the Zap

UserUID included within Users Report

The Users report now allows for adding UserUID as a column.  The UserUID serves as a unique identifier of each user account and is used by some organizations as a means of tracking users.

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