Blog Post: Implementation and Training FAQs

Implementation and Training FAQs

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In this interview, we cover the most frequently asked questions about VolunteerHub implementation and training, as well as provide insights into what new clients can expect during the process.

At VolunteerHub, we prioritize providing our clients with a valuable implementation and training process, with the aim of setting them up for success. To help you understand what to expect from this process, we’ve compiled a list of 10 frequently asked questions about implementation and training. These questions have been answered by Matthew Murphy, our Implementation and Training Manager.

What is the timeline for completing implementation and training?

Matthew: This is a question that I get all the time. The timeline for implementation and training is specific to each organization. The timeline depends on how much time an organization can devote to getting things set up, how they want to use the software, and the structure of their volunteer program. On average, the process takes 4 to 6 weeks.

What is the learning curve like for admins learning the system?

Matthew: Generally, the feedback that I get is that it isn’t hard to use VolunteerHub. Our development team puts a lot of emphasis into ease-of-use and making the software as user-friendly as possible. That said, if the system is hard for an admin to learn, we have resources available to help.

Is implementation customized for each organization?

Matthew: Implementing a new site is certainly not one-size-fits all as every organization structures things a little bit different. The first step of the implementation process is to learn more about an organizations volunteer program and what they want to achieve with VolunteerHub. We want all of our clients to use VolunteerHub as efficiently and seamlessly as possible.

Are the implementation sessions recorded?

Matthew: We do not record individual implementation sessions but we do offer a plethora of recorded content such as webinars and training resources. As we add new features and improve our software over time, our video resources are updated.

Do we provide resources to site admins post-implementation?  

Matthew: I will actually start with during-implementation. After a clients first implementation session, I provide an outline of everything that we are going to cover with direct links to resources about each topic that live within our knowledgebase. Once implementation is over, I follow-up with additional resources, information about how to contact support, and recorded webinars. I also do quarterly webinars that are always posted on our support site news feed. Finally, clients can schedule a 15 to 30 minute follow-up call with me, post implementation or submit a ticket to support, to address any questions or concerns.

What happens if an admin needs additional one-on-one training?

Once implementation is over, clients can leverage support and their assigned client success manager. If a client needs additional implementation support beyond that, we offer additional training that can be purchased.

How do we support new admins taking over an existing site?

When a new super-user is created on a site, that person will receive an email that has links to resources and information about using VolunteerHub. This includes recorded content such as our “Getting Started as a New Administrator” and “So, You Have Inherited a VolunteerHub Site, Now What” webinar. We also include a link for new admins to schedule a 30-min training session with me.

What happens when a new feature is released? How do admins know?

When an administrator logs into their VolunteerHub site and goes to the admin view, we have a news feed there that provides release notes that include software changes and new features. Site admins can subscribe to receive email updates as well.

Does VolunteerHub offer training resources that clients can share with volunteers?

Yes, we have quick reference guides that clients can share with their volunteers that walks them through using VolunteerHub.

How do you collect and use client feedback to optimize implementation and training?

What we do in implementation and training is always evolving. We are constantly looking for feedback and ways to improve our processes. Right now, we capture feedback during the implementation process and through surveys.


Listen to the full audio recording

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