VolunteerHub September 2023 Release Notes

Expanded Email User Action within Workflows

Solved Requests:

  • "I want an email every time a user creates an account."
  • "I want to email a particular administrator every time a new user is put in their User Group."

The 'Email User' Action has been updated with new features. Previously, 'Email User' only emailed the volunteer (e.g., When a user is added to a user group, send them an email.)

These are the new options:

  • Send to triggering user - this sends the constructed email to the volunteer who triggered the Workflow.
  • Send to selected user - this allows for selecting any user (most likely an administrator) in the system for the constructed email to be sent to.
  • Send to organization contact - the Organization Contact is likely the primary Superuser on a VolunteerHub site (found under Settings).
  • Include link to triggering user - this includes a hyperlink within the email to the profile of the user who triggered the Workflow.

NOTE: Because multiple actions may be added to a single workflow; a workflow could be created so that when a user creates an account a custom email is sent to the volunteer, a different email to the Organization Contact, and a third email to a specific administrator.


  • Email Organization Contact any time a new user creates an account

(New users only. Ex.: When any new user account is created, primary Superuser receives an email)

Trigger: New User Account Created

(leave 'and user is a member of user group' blank)

Action: Email User (Send to organization contact)

  • Email a particular administrator when a new user is created in a user group

(New users only. Ex.: When a user creates an account and checks the box that they are 'Interested in working with children', email Bill to let him know he has to run a background check)

Trigger: New User Account Created

And user is a member of user group "I am interested in working with children"

Action: Email User (Send to: 'Bill')

  • Email a particular administrator when an existing user is added to their group

(Existing users only. Ex.: When a user has been onboarded and is added to the 'Approved Docents' User Group, email Sally to let her know)

Trigger: User Joins User Group

User Group: Approved Docents

Action: Email User (Send to: 'Sally')

Click here for the Workflows Article.

Deactivating Workflows

Workflows can now be disabled without deleting them.



New Workflows default to being active.

Change to Volunteer View Calendar

When in calendar view previously, clicking anywhere on any day brought up a pop-up listing all events on that day. The calendar now contains action areas for each day.

Clicking on the date shows that day's summary:

Clicking on the event brings the volunteer directly into that event:

24-Hour Events No Longer Display as 'All Day'

When an event is set from midnight one day to midnight the next day, previously the Volunteer View would show these as 'All Day' events. The 'All Day' flag has been removed.



Changes to Kiosk Prompts

The initial search a user does for their account has been updated:



The message when a user is not found has also been updated:



Event Emails within Event Activity Log 

Automatic emails sent by an event now display with the Activity tab of an event. Previously these emails were only visible within the Activity tab of the volunteer (though they remain visible there as well).

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