Podcast Interview: Charlotte Rescue Mission Loves VolunteerHub’s Dedication to Client Support


                             Charlotte Rescue Mission Loves VolunteerHub’s Dedication to Client Support        



                         Charlotte Rescue Mission Volunteers                         


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Charlotte Rescue Mission utilizes VolunteerHub to enhance volunteer management. We had a chance to interview Donnie Shell Jr., Director of  Community Engagement for Charlotte Rescue Mission, to learn more about  the organization’s initiatives, and their utilization of our software.

Can you tell me more about Charlotte Rescue Mission and your role within the organization?

Donnie: We provide cost-free, faith-based recovery programs for both  men and women. Our goal is to interact with individuals who are  struggling with the disease of addiction and help them achieve long-term  sobriety, financial stability, stable housing, and build healthy  relationships with the people they are interacting with. My role in the  organization as the Director of Community Engagement mainly consists of  working with our volunteers, community outreach, and partners.

What has been your impact within the community?

Donnie: In fiscal year 2022, over 270 people graduated from our core  program, during which residents stay with us while receiving the help  they need to thrive. Additionally, 170 individuals participated in our  2-year recovery living program, which offers accountability and support  in the subsequent stages of their lives. It has been an exciting time at  Charlotte Rescue Mission because we have witnessed significant growth  and an increase in the number of individuals successfully completing our  programs.

Where do volunteers fit in? 

Donnie: Volunteers are integral to various aspects of our  organization. We emphasize our meal sponsorship program, where  volunteers can either sponsor a meal financially, sponsor and serve, or  simply serve a meal. We strive to offer multiple options for volunteers  to support our organization. They also contribute to our kitchens 365  days a year. There’s always an opportunity for people to get involved,  lend a hand, and make a meaningful impact.

What features of VolunteerHub do you find the most valuable? 

Donnie: The feature of VolunteerHub that we use the most is Landing  Pages. This feature really gives us an opportunity to customize the  experience for our volunteers and create pages that are branded  specifically for an organization, group, or business to really provide a  sense of connection. We also use Landing Pages for events such as our  holiday events. The ability to create volunteer groups has also been  immensely beneficial as it gives us a way to segment our communications.

What has your experience been like with the VolunteerHub team? 

Donnie: The VolunteerHub team, especially support, has been great at  providing us with training and answering any question that we have  within 24-hours. VolunteerHub stands behind its product.

Do you believe that VolunteerHub software provides your organization with a return-on-investment?

Donnie: I definitely do, we are able to use VolunteerHub to track  volunteer hours and this information is provided to our board to  demonstrate the evolution of our volunteer program. We are able to  calculate the value of our volunteer program using the national average  value of a volunteer hour. We couldn’t do that without the software.

What would you say to someone in your position who does not have volunteer management software yet?

Donnie: I would definitely say gauge what your return on investment  would be from using volunteer management software, including the hours  your team would save. Every volunteer management system is not for  everyone, understand the features that your organization needs to be  successful.

How can people volunteer for your organization?

Visit our website (https://charlotterescuemission.org)  and click on “volunteer” from the “get involved” drop down. We are  always looking for people within our community to help support our  mission.


Listen to the full audio recording

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