Carr Engineering, Inc. is Now Doing Business as BetterGood!

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you all! Carr Engineering, Inc., the creator of VolunteerHub, is undergoing a rebranding -- we are now officially known as BetterGood!

This change reflects our commitment to create products and services that help organizations do good in a better, more streamlined, way. While our name is changing, our team's passion, expertise, dedication, and support towards our VolunteerHub product remains unchanged. Company ownership also remains the same.

Soon you may see some additional changes, including:

  • Transitioning all Carr Engineering, Inc. employee email addresses to reflect the BetterGood brand,
  • Relaunching our VolunteerHub marketing website as a BetterGood product, and
  • Launching a new BetterGood website to serve as a cornerstone of our online presence!

Please be aware that moving forward, we will be doing business under the name BetterGood, but this change will not affect any documentation that includes Carr Engineering, Inc. For example, all existing service agreements remain valid.

As always, we thank you for your business and appreciate your continued trust and partnership!

If you have questions regarding our rebranding, please submit them via email to

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