VolunteerHub November 2023 Release Notes

Custom Reports Now Shareable

When saving a Custom Report there is now an option to share it with other administrators who have access to Custom Reports.

These reports display under the Shared Reports header within Custom Reports.

All "Superusers" groups have been granted this permission.  If you have any Limited Administrator user groups that you would like to allow to edit which reports are Saved (and accessed by all admins), please contact Support with the name(s) of the User Group(s) so that the permission can be added. Users with this permission can share, edit, delete, and 'un-share' any Shared Reports.

New Workflow Triggers

Workflow: User Achieves Number of Hours

Trigger a workflow when a user achieves a cumulative total of a certain number of hours.  

Likely actions:

    • Send email to them

    • Send email to an admin

    • Add them to a User Group

Example 1:  When a user achieves 100 hours, add them to the 'Core Crew' user group, send an email to the volunteer congratulating them on their milestone, and email an administrator informing them.

Example 2: Some organizations require a certain number of 'shadowing' hours prior to allowing a volunteer to be fully vetted.  Trigger the workflow only for members of a certain user group to remove them from that group, add them to the approved group and send emails.

Workflow: User has a Birthday

Automatically send emails when a user has a birthday.  This trigger allows for selecting a User Group.

Workflow: User Registers for Event

This only triggers if a user registers themselves within Volunteer View or Kiosk, it does not include admin methods of registration.

Previously the only way an administrator could receive an email when a volunteer registered for an event would be to be the Event Contact.  This trigger allows for creating workflows to inform other people should someone register for an event and meet certain criteria including the Event Group, User Group, and whether or not waitlisted users should trigger the workflow.

Possible Use-Cases:

    • Emailing other admins when a user registers for an event (not just Event Contact)

    • Emailing staff when a user from a particular User Group registers for an event 

    (E.g.: Email the Development Director when a member of "Donors and VIPs" registers for an event)

    • Emailing a waitlisted user with a more specific email when they waitlist for an event

    • When user registers for an event in ___ Event Group, add them to ___ User Group

    • When user registers for an event in ___ Event Group, remove them from ___ User Group

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