VolunteerHub September 2020 Release Notes

Several updates to functionality have been added in VolunteerHub. Each update in this release is listed below.

Volunteer Check-In Code

The Check-In Code is a daily 6-digit code which allows volunteers to check-in to events from their phone.  This feature is only available on sites which have Kiosk and is turned off by default.  

The Check-In Code is not compatible with the Label Printer Integration.

Click here for more information about the Check-In Code and instructions on how to enable.


Minor Token for Boolean (True/False) User Form Fields

When adding a Boolean question to the User Form, a token option of ‘Is Adult’ has been added.  This can be used to determine which waiver a volunteer should be delivered.  Previously, waiver eligibility could only be determined based on the volunteer’s age via their date of birth.  For situations where an organization is not legally allowed to ask for a date of birth, this User Form field can be utilized.


User Registrations Cancelled in VH Now Deleted in Salesforce

If a user cancels their registration for an event (or is removed by an administrator) this change now reflects within Salesforce.


Admin-Only Notes Field within Events

A notes field has been added to the event creation and edit pages.  This provides a location to keep notes about the event that are only visible from the admin-side of the event.


Text Editor

The look of the Rich Text Editor boxes within VolunteerHub have been updated.

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