VolunteerHub October 2021 Release Notes

Several updates to functionality have been added in VolunteerHub. Each update in this release is listed below.

Viewing VolunteerHub in Other Languages

VolunteerHub uses a modern approach to language support, leveraging the browser's built-in translation technology to switch the displayed page to your preferred language.  This is helpful because it not only translates text within textboxes, but also page elements such as dropdown filters and the 'Sign Up' button.

Interaction with an organization doesn't stop with the VolunteerHub website; this solution also affects correspondence.  Utilizing browser-based translating, emails from VolunteerHub viewed within a browser are also translated into other languages.

Click here for the full Knowledgebase Article about language support.

A button has been added to the dropdown by the volunteer's name within Volunteer View which links to the article above.

For users not logged in, the language button appears to the right of 'Create Account'.

'Hanging' Check-Ins

Organizations utilizing Kiosk, Onsite, or QR Codes for volunteers to check into events may opt for hours to be granted upon check-out.  However, should a volunteer neglect to check out no hours are granted and an administrator would need to manually assign them hours.  This can be done on the day of the event through OnSite, but if the event were in previous days or an administrator wished to do an audit of volunteers who checked in but not out, formerly this could only be done through report.

An option is now available on the Events page to filter events with volunteers who checked in but not out.

Click here for the full Knowledgebase Article.

Linkability to Salesforce

For customers who have our Salesforce integration, users in VolunteerHub now have a link in their profile to take you directly to the associated Salesforce Contact.

NOTE: The administrator must log in to Salesforce to see the Contact.


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