VolunteerHub April 2022 Release Notes

Reports Beta

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Reports Beta is the eventual successor to the Reports Page.  It can be accessed by going to the Reports page and pressing the 'Reports Beta' button in the upper right.

Workflows: Remove User from User Group

The action "Remove User from User Group" has been added to the Workflows page. This removes the user from the specified user group when the trigger is active. This is primarily used within an onboarding process, to remove a user from an onboarding group and pairs well with an action adding the user to an approved User Group.

For a full explanation, please see examples C & D in the Quick Guide to Workflows.

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Volunteer Flags

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User Groups Flags are a way of visually flagging a volunteer.  Flags are added to a User Group and users in that group display the flag above their name.  Flags are best used for designations which require high visibility to administrators.

Example Use Cases:

Export SMS List to CSV

An 'Export Phone Numbers' link has been added to all Text Messaging dialogue boxes.  Clicking this link downloads a CSV with the name, username, mobile phone number, and SMS opt-in status of all users to whom the text would be sent.


Filtering by Group Managers

The Users page now contains a filtering option for Group Managers.  Options include:

Include group manager

Exclude group managers

Only group managers


Pronouns added to Label Printer

Pronouns are now an Object Name option for the label printer.  For this option to be available, the User Form must have a pronouns question with the 'personal pronouns' token selected.


Exclude Email Opt in/out from Salesforce Integration

We can now exclude the Email Opt-in from VolunteerHub syncing over into Salesforce. In other words, if a user in VolunteerHub opts out of receiving bulk email in VolunteerHub, their corresponding Salesforce Contact's status would not change. 

If you have the Salesforce integration and wish to make this change, please contact Support.

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