VolunteerHub December 2023 Release Notes

This release contains Site Wide Waivers, email options within the Custom Users Report, Ad-Hoc Hours, and a new Custom Hours Report.

Site-Wide Waivers

Waivers may now be applied at the site-level. Previously all waivers were applied at the event-level. Existing event-level waivers have not been changed.

To designate a Site-Wide Waiver, navigate to Settings > Site Settings > Waiver Settings
Note: Your site must have either a required Date of Birth question or 'Is Adult' question within the All Users User Form.

Two adult and two minor waivers may be set site-wide

Site-wide waivers display as a pop-up when a volunteer signs in and must be accepted in order to browse and register for any events.

If a site-wide waiver is added to an existing site, any user who had not previously satisfied that waiver is required to on their next login or check-in for an event. If an existing volunteer had already signed that waiver via an event, and it has not expired, they are not required to sign it again unless it expires.

If there is a Minor site-wide waiver in place, minors can't register for (or check into) any events until the Waiver has been recorded, either by an admin or a parent.

Emailing Through the Users Report

Reports > Custom Reports > Users

The Custom Users report now has the option to send an email.

This allows for filtering more specific lists for the purpose of communication.  In the image below, the list is filtered to only volunteers in California, 18 years of age or older, who have completed more than 5 hours of volunteering.

Ad-hoc Hours

Click here for the article and video

There is now an option to allow volunteers to report hours, not associated with a specific Event. Previously all hours had to be reported into a specific event.

The option to allow Ad-hoc is located within Settings > Site Settings > Hour Tracking

This setting defaults to 'No' and must be enabled.

Submitting Ad-hoc Hours

Once enabled, Volunteers may navigate to the View Hours page and click 'Report Hours'.

The drop-down for 'Name of Event' displays any events they are allowed to self-report hours into.  To report Ad-hoc hours, they choose "Other".

Volunteers must input a date, number of hours, and a comment in order to submit ad-hoc hours.

NOTE: The ability to comment on submitted hours is also extended to standard events set to allow volunteers to self-report their hours.

Comments are reportable on the Custom Hours report (new report detailed below) and Custom Event Registrations report.

Approving Ad-hoc Hours

An administrator must approve any ad-hoc hours from the Approve Hours page.

Ad-hoc hours are assigned the name 'Self-reported Event' and display with the date, number of hours, as well as the comment.

Ad-hoc hours display on the user's timeline as well as the Custom Hours report (new report detailed below) but do not display on any event-related report.

Note: Ad-hoc hours do not sync with any integrations (e.g. Raisers Edge).

Custom Hours Report

The Hours report is a new report located within Reports > Custom Reports

This report shows hours recorded for both Events as well as any self-reported hours by a user (both for Events and Ad-hoc hours).

The report defaults to displaying the current month, but can be modified by clicking the blue 'Date Range' pill.

By default this report contains:

  • Username
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Event Name
  • Hours
  • Pending Approval
  • Comments
  • Event Start
  • Event End
  • Event Group Lineage
  • User Group Lineage

Additional information available from the Column Chooser:

  • Check-in Time
  • Check-out Time
  • Duration
  • Email
  • Event Group Name
  • User Group Name
  • User UID
  • Created
  • Last Login
  • Last Update

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