VolunteerHub December 2020 Release Notes

Several updates to functionality have been added in VolunteerHub. Each update in this release is listed below.


Age Restrictions for Events

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A field has been added to the bottom of the Event and Recurrence Master creation pages to specify a minimum age for volunteers to be permitted to sign up.  Existing Events and Masters may be edited to input an age.  If this field is left blank, no restriction is added.  To use this feature, the site must have the Date of Birth question (with token enabled) within the 'All Users' User Form.

If the volunteer does not meet the minimum age requirement, the Event is unavailable and indicates it is 'Age Restricted.'

Group Manager

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*This feature is included at no cost with existing Enterprise Plans and is available as an add-on for Plus and Pro plans.*

Users can now be designated as the manager of a User Group.  

When viewing a User Group, managers are listed at the top, above the alphabetical list of other users.

If a manager is registered for an event under a reservation for their group, viewing the event on the admin side shows them as a manager.

Being a Group Manager adds the 'My Groups' option within the top menu of the Volunteer View.

The 'My Groups' page allows the manager to view past and future events with a reservation for their group(s), as well as the number of their people who have signed up and how many slots they have remaining

Viewing the details of the event reveals to them the full names of their registrants.

Important Notes:

    • User Groups may have more than one Group Manager.

    • A user may be the manager of multiple groups.

    • If a User Group contains sub-groups, the manager of the parent group is also the manager of all sub-groups.  The User Group Details lists any superseding managers.



Reorganized Registered Users' Table in Events

The list of users registered for events within the admin view of an event has been modified.  The top row for the reservation now lists the Default Maximum Party Size last.

Each registered user now also lists their contact information.  The number of slots they are taking up as well as their max party size has moved to the right.

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I don't think I can emphasize enough how incredibly amazing these two updates are to Volunteerhub as a registration tool for a large organization. 

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